Stainless Marine Horns

Schmitt & Ongaro offers electrical, single trumpet, dual trumpet, mini compact, mini hidden compact and drop-in horns from our Standard Line featuring 12 volt horns with stainless steel exterior, and our Deluxe Line showcasing stainless steel inside and out in 12 and 24 volts.

Our quality marine horns are highly reliable for signaling other boaters, swimmers and water sports enthusiasts, as well as commanding attention when issuing distress signals.


  • Single and Dual "Waterproof" Trumpet Horns available 12 or 24 volt
  • Standard Line features stainless exterior
  • Deluxe Line features stainless exterior
  • No Rust Guarantee for five years (Stainless Steel Components Only)
  • ABYC-A-23
  • Pre-wired for easy installation
  • Weather resistant units

The Re-Engineered Trumpet Horn

One of our most popular horns is even more impressive  with an innovative new design that supports water drainage, so your horn will perform without skipping a beat. Along with reliability, the trumpet horn’s same sleek all-stainless interior and exterior coupled with one of the loudest horns on the market allows for both function and aesthetic.


  • Innovative draining feature
  • Increased performance value
  • Clarity of sound and enhanced audibility
  • All Stainless Steel
  • 12 Volt or 24 Volt

For quality marine horns that provide years of dependability, Contact Schmitt & Ongaro and we’ll match you with the perfect horn for your boat. Check out all models and styles in our Catalog and Listen to a variety of Horn Sounds.

To keep your Ongaro Horn looking and sounding great, View our Tips on Stainless Marine Horn Maintenance.

Stainless Marine Horn Warranty

Schmitt & Ongaro offers a five (5) year limited warranty on all its electric horns to the original purchaser.  The five (5) year warranty anti-rust and corrosion applies to the stainless steel horn components only. Schmitt/Ongaro warrants all internal electrical contacts for the horn to the original purchaser for a period of one (1) yearView Full Warranty.