Wiper Systems

Schmitt Marine offers quality marine wiper systems to help maintain the best driving visibility and safety conditions during your boat excursions. The complete system includes a control box, motor, switch, wiper arms and blades, and washing system. All components can be purchased separately to build a system that meets your specific needs. Whether you have a small, medium or large boat—Schmitt Marine has the wiper system that will accommodate the size of your windshield and provide the motor power you need.

Heavy Duty Wiper Motor

Our Heavy Duty Wiper Motor offers great value and high performance, because your boat’s windshield wipers are only as powerful as the motor that powers them.  


  • Easily replaces older Ongaro Marine and Bosch-type wiper motors for a simple, yet powerful, upgrade
  • 11.5 N.m [8.5 ft.lb] motor drives up to 24 x 24 inch arms and blades
  • Two sweep speeds of 35 or 55 sweeps per minute
  • The sweep angle can be adjusted from 40 to 110 degrees
  • 12 or 24 Volts
  • High quality all aluminum housing for efficient heat dissipation
  • 316 S.S. shaft and chrome plated brass shaft housing
  • The insulated grounding is suitable for use with steel, aluminum, wooden or GRP boats
  • EMC Protected
  • Guaranteed for 3 years

Heavy Duty Waterproof Motor

Our Heavy Duty Waterproof Motor provides the same great features with the added security and dependability of an improved waterproof rating to IP66 for trouble-free operation at a competitive price. EMC Protected & CE Approved.

Standard Wiper Motors

Ideal for smaller boats, our standard size motors are available in both waterproof and non-waterproof models.These single speed motors offer the same great Ongaro Marine quality at a great value


  • 5 N•m of Torque
  • 12 Volts
  • Adjustable sweep angle from 80 – 110 degrees
  • 2 ½ inch stainless steel shaft

Wiper Motor Kits

To make life even easier for our customers we offer our Standard Wiper Motors in pre-packaged kits. Four different combinations of motor types and blade sizes offer customers a variety of choices to meet their needs.

Customers can choose either the standard or waterproof motor, and an 11” or 14” blade. All kits come with an adjustable arm of 11 to 14 inches.

Deluxe Arms and Blades

Customers can choose from a wide range of wiper arm types and wiper blade lengths. Our Deluxe line of blade sizes range from 11 to 24 inches and adjustable arm sizes 12 to 18 inches and 19 to 24 inches, including, but not limited to, J-hook and Pantograph. 

Check out all wiper systems and components in our Catalog, and preserve the life of your wipers with our valuable tips on Wiper Replacement & Care.


Schmitt Marine warrants to the original consumer for non-commercial use against any defects in material or workmanship of marine wipers motors and arms for a period of three years from the date of purchase of the original consumer and no more than four years from the date of sale to the original equipment manufacturer or distributor.  View Full Warranty.